Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Endless Possibilities

A friend sent me a card a while back. Inside she wrote that she hoped that perhaps the passage would help others find their quest in life as I have. With that hope, I share that passage with you hoping that you too find your quest!

"Today your life holds for you endless possibilities. You have built a solid foundation, and you have worked hard for it. Continue to do what is necessary to move forward one day at a time. Write down your dream and tuck it away - entrusting that all things will come at the right time. Keep sight always of what is important in life. Remember that true happiness and purpose will be found in relationships - in the workplace and at home. Live each day open to guidance, and your purpose will be revealed to you. May your future be filled with love and acceptance."

Write down your dream...tuck it away..or not...and watch for the opportunities that arise.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

72 Hours

Did you know that when you have an idea or must act on it within 72 hours, otherwise the thought or idea just remains just that...a fleeting thought or idea. If you take action within 72 hours of the thought or idea, then the thought or idea becomes an action becomes more solid and real!

I led a workshop on Friday night. One of the women said, "I'm afraid I'll wake up tomorrow morning and all the thoughts and ideas that we're discussing right now will
leave me." She knew in order to make the changes she wanted to she needed to act.

Many times we have thoughts or ideas that we don't act on. How powerful is it when we take action? When we take action we're moving forward...often proving to ourselves that whatever had held us back in the past was only our thoughts about how big, long, or boring a certain task might be. Taking action, one small step, frees you to see what's possible.

Taking the first step is often the hardest. That's why 72 hours is the key. Push yourself to take action within 72 hours and your world will open up. One of the biggest benefits of working with a coach like myself is the accountability. If you knew someone would call you within 72 hours to see how you are doing and if you have done what you said, it's a great motivator. Just knowing someone else knows what you must do is helpful.

72 hours...or all it takes to get moving. What will you do in the next
72 hours that will move you from your comfort zone to your growth zone?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!!

It's interesting to me as I bump into people or overhear conversations about the holiday break, the New Year and the feeling of new starts. I sense a feeling of renewal, of reflection, of hope and a yearning for change. It sounds like people enjoyed a slower pace during the holiday break as well as a break from the daily routines.

I enjoyed a very relaxing time away with my family in Vermont. I too, broke away from my daily routines and pace of life. The break allowed me to really remove myself from my routines. Now, I find getting back into my usual routines a chance to see them differently, to make subtle changes, to appreciate and embrace all that surrounds me. I find myself re-evaluating my life and making new goals, letting go of old ones and feeling refreshed and renewed with a new plan for my life.

Yesterday while at my gym a woman said to me, "You must be busy this time of year!?" She was referring to all the New Year's Resolutions that people make. She then said,"I should talk to you about my resolutions." She commented on seeing a group of women out running together that morning. She laughed as she also commented on wondering how long that resolution would last.

Resolutions do serve a purpose. They do get us thinking about making positive changes. But, resolutions, for most of us don't last. Why? Because resolutions are often too big. "This year I'm going to..." Well, after 6 weeks the idea is a faded memory, or you get bored, etc, etc. Resolutions also have no plan. How will you achieve it?

Instead of resolutions, set goals. Make them realistic. Break the goals down into monthly, weekly and daily goals. The small pieces help to create your plan. As the woman in the gym said to me, "You must be busy." Yes, busy in helping people get clear about what they want in their life, helping them to set realistic goals and developing the plan to achieve them. Nothing is more satisfying to me than seeing my clients make the changes in their lives, achieve what they want and have a smile on their faces.