Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Get Into Action

Did you ever notice that when you are about to try something new, or take on a new challenge, or simply anticipating something that you are more nervous before the event then after it starts? When we try something new it challenges our mind and body. When we get into action, it releases our "feel good" hormones. Once we're in action it makes us feel better and the ambivalence we initially encountered decreases.

Clients often come to me because they know they want something, but just can't find the momentum to get started. Weight loss, new fitness routine, or taking the time to discover what is next for them in their lives...they want a change...but what? It's often easier to sit with the ambivalence, the what ifs and the worry. But, what does that really give you? What's the price of not changing? Of sitting and wishing it would just happen?

When I began training for my first triathlon, my head often filled up with ambivalent feelings, worry about what awful things could happen, whether I could actually do it or not, etc. To overcome it, I asked myself why I wanted to compete in a triathlon. What was my "WHY"? Why did I like triathlons? Why did I want to do them? When I discovered my answers to my "WHY" i realized that I loved the challenge of the triathlon, I enjoy working towards a goal, the sense of accomplishment, I enjoy the "wow" factor, and I enjoy the mental challenge most of all. Connecting to the "WHY" is what continues to motivate me.

Ask yourself, WHY you want what you want. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to begin addressing your procrastination? Why do you want to discover what's next for you? Why do you want to run a marathon?

Why do you want to change? Find positive motivation. Engage your feelings, it creates an emotional charge that will power you through your procrastination and ambivalence. Your brain will naturally want to go towards pleasure...show yourself why you want it, and get into action to get it.

So put those ambivalent feelings to rest, get into action today. It's our own minds that create the "what ifs" before you start...once you begin, you realize it's not so bad afterall.

Friday, September 19, 2008

We Have Enough Time

Time. It's a very valuable commodity. So valuable, yet so often taken for granted or overlooked.
Time. It can run our day.
Time. Is there ever enough?
Time. It ticks away, it's not given back.
Time. It's yours to spend.
Time. A measurement of speed for a racer.
Time. It's a valuable commodity.
Time. How do you spend your time?

Make friends with time. "We race to win, but at what price? Driven by the threat of time, we wonder why we feel so empty at the end of action-filled days." Diana Hunt.

Time. How you spend it defines the quality of your life.

It's time.

Perhaps this got you thinking...thinking is good, it awakens awareness.
With awareness comes new possibilities. Nothing changes, however, without new action.

Create new actions today to spend your time in ways that fulfill you, allow you to live in the moment and go to bed feeling full; not empty. Wondering how to move from how you spend your time now, to spending your time to be more fulfilled? Here's a tip, think about what you love to do. Do you make time for it? If not, make an appointment with yourself. Love to knit, read, exercise, garden? Whatever it is, write on your calendar that you have an appointment with yourself to do just that. Write it. You make appointment with other people...do the same for yourself.

This is the TIME of your life. How are you spending it?

Want a good return on your investment of time? Invest time in yourself.
Check out my "Bootcamp." It's well worth your time.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Thoughts for Real Change

How about this statement, "Real, authentic change emerges only from a place of deep focus and intention." (I read this in "Body & Soul" magazine)

Real change comes from deep focus and intention. Hummm....consider that for a moment.
I'm sure you have some areas of your life that could use some change or tidying up. In order to make those changes, and to make them real and lasting, go to a place of deep focus and intention.

So, I ask you further...how do you go to a place of deep focus and intention? As a life coach one of my strengths is bringing my clients into that place of deep focus and intention. My job as a coach is to ask powerful questions, and challenge my clients to uncover their authentic answers. And the answers are not always on the surface, they are usually found deeper, underneath. This is why coaching can be so effective. It's not easy to look deeply within yourself alone. Having a supportive, encouraging coach enables you to take a more honest look.

As the quote above states, go to a place of focus and intention. Discover the power of meditation and yoga. If that is not for you take a walk or a hike and smell the fresh air, the breeze on your face, the birds chirping. Slow down, relax and find your place of inner focus.

I have always found that walking peacefully with a powerful question or statement on my mind allows me to go deeper into the question and uncover it's truths. And, really staying with the thought or question until I discover all it's riches has served me well. Staying focused on the question with the intention of discovering what might be there allows new a powerful thoughts to emerge. With the thoughts and discoveries comes awareness. With awareness comes new choices for change.

So what about you? Want to make real changes in your life? Take the time to focus and digest the questions in your life. Dig, unearth and discover.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What are you responsible for?

A friend of mine told me about a women's group she attends. Each week they have a topic and engage in great discussions. During one of her meetings, the topic of discussion centered around this powerful question: "What are you 100% responsible for?"

What a great question! I found myself pondering over that question for several days. What am I responsible for? And what do I want to be responsible for? What am I feeling responsible for that is not mine?

I've discovered that I need to take on some responsibility and let go of some. This has fostered a new outlook for me. I'm committed to making some necessary changes in my life to be responsible for those things that I need to be responsible for. My own happiness is on the top of my list. What about you?

I'm going to keep this blog entry short to allow you to ponder that powerful question as well. Take out your journal and discover...."What are you 100% responsible for?"