Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Questions? Listen and the answers will come

As a life coach and entrepreneur, I always have my ears open to hearing what women's biggest challenges are. And, for some reason, I have found that when I have a question that I don't have an answer for, I stay with the question. By staying with the question I mean that I keep that question in my head. It always seems that the answers begin to show up all around me and various times. And, when I take the time to notice and gather the answers...the question seems to be answered.

My latest question that I have been sitting with is, "Are women looking for more direction in their lives? Is that what I can really help them with?" Today, as I was at my gym for my workout, a women approached me and asked if I had some hair styling product. As I reached into my bag for it, she made a comment that it was one thing to go to work with wet hair, another to go with it unstyled. This lead to me asking her what she did. As we spoke briefly, she commented that someone had just said to her last night, "Why do you stay at this job?" She let me know that she felt stuck. That while the job was unfulfilling in many ways, it had it's perks; flexibility, part-time, etc. Yet, she said, the fear of not knowing what else she would do, keeps her there. As she walked away, she said, I'll be calling you...I need to find some direction and get unstuck!

Only moments later, as I walked through the locker room, I overheard a conversation. One women was expressing her frustration that she didn't know where she belonged and was searching for "What she would be when she grew up." I turned and thought...wow, that's exactly what I do. As she disappeared into the gym, I was again reminded of my own question. "Are women looking for direction?"

I remember going through my own searching for what I'd be when I grew up. I recalled staying with that question..and I found life coaching and my calling and passion. Again, I'm reminded that when we stay with the questions the answers will show themselves.

Today I am inspired to stand up and say that I am a life coach that helps women find a compelling direction, balance and focus in their lives. I help women set sail towards their clear vision of what they want!

Have a burning question? Relax and listen...the answers will show themselves. Trust it.

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